Friday, January 1, 2010

Those who have a white winter, enjoy it!

Snow is beautiful if you know how to enjoy it and if you allow yourself to discover the magic within it.

It's January and a lot of people are seeing a white landscape and complaining about the horrible cold weather that doesn't invite them to go outside or even to feel happy and enjoy the beginning of the year.

Some people even get depressed when the weather is cold and when everything's frozen and lacking color…But this is actually a very beautiful time of the year and the landscapes can be breathtaking in a very magical way.

Colors are not the only ones that can mean happiness and joy, and a warm weather is not a condition to feel motivated and go outside. If you look through the window and you see a white layer covering everything you're used to see in colors, you could observe it from another point of view and create and original vision of such a magical miracle that turns your surroundings into a white cotton cloud.

There are millions of people who have seen snow over and over every year since they were born…But, have you thought for a moment that there are other millions of people who have never seen snow in their lives and who have always dreamed about touching it because of what movies have showed them?

Don't hate snow or cold; just think about them as another time of the year with different possibilities and with a magical touch. Not everyone can go skiing or ice skating and not everyone can go outside their doors and take a picture of a white city that magically becomes colored after some months…

Also, there're the wonderful and amazing days when the sky is blue and has no clouds, and when the sun looks big and shinny making the snow brighter and even more surreal. These days are great for going out, even if they're really cold. The thing is to have a good coat and then open yourself to enjoy the white time.

Winter and snow are not synonyms of depression, sadness or seclusion. They can mean a beautiful time with lots of things to do and with marvelous images to catch. So, if you have a white winter, learn to love it and enjoy it as if it was a different kind of summer!



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