Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hindi word for love: Pyaar – the General Expression of Love as Compared to More Intense Form of Ishq or Mohabbat

Trying to find out the perfect definition of love is perhaps the most difficult situation to deal with. Many have fallen in love & become matured in it with passage of time but they can hardly give the true definition of love. Though love is the necessity of life & has deep human emotions associated with it, it means different to different people. To some love is pyaar & dosti, for others may be love is the tender feeling of mohabbat for someone special in life. Actually love can hold together any number of emotions & experiences related to a sense of strong attachment & affection for your romantic partner which may also be referred to as ishq. The word love can be used to express varied kinds of human feelings, states & attitudes starting from general pleasure(“I love that meal”) to intense interpersonal liking(“I love my boyfriend”). The meanings & use of love are so vast that when taken together with complexity level of feelings involved, love usually becomes difficult to consistently define, as compared to other emotional states.

Nowadays, terms like pyaar, ishq & mohabbat are found to be in great use for love. It is quite difficult to differentiate one from the other on the meaning basis. According to some pyaar is the simplest way to say love while ishq & mohabbat are terms that are used for more deeper or passionate love. Actually Pyaar, ishq & mohabbat are synonyms of love with duplicate meanings. Mohabbat is the urdu version of hindi word “pyaar” which can be used in its place for all intents & purposes. Ishq is supposedly has connotations of romantic love & is usually used as the masala stuff in movies. It is the form of love that hardly culminates in a successful relationship. With so many words are there for love, trying to figure out the term that suits your situation is entirely yours choice.

The meaning of love continues to change with each relationship and depends more on its level of complexity, versatility & seriousness. Based on context, love can acquire different meaning. When love is intense, deep & unending, it turns out to be eternal love as was in case of mughal emperor Shah Janan & his wife Mumtaz Mahal. So a word like ishq or mohabbat seems more appropriate for such condition as compared to generalized word pyaar. Similarly if love is shared on a very intimated & interpersonal attraction, then ishq can be used. There are other forms of love like religious love, familial love & platonic love where the word pyaar can be justifiedly used. Thus rather than seeking out different terms to address your love, you can use a little of your intellect, preference & feelings. It is highly possible that you may be enjoying the way you address your love in life & singing all the way “"Who says love never lives? Maybe we've never lived”.


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