Friday, November 6, 2009

The magic of languages

When letters come together they form words, which then, combined in a very specific way, become phrases and bring languages to life, creating sounds and signs that make sense for the people who understand each particular language. But languages are so much more than that…They have endless cultural aspects that have built them and given them their own characteristics.

There are many years of history behind each of the approximate 6.000 languages that exist today, and they're the result of men's needs and efforts to communicate with others, so they contain the richness of men's cultural and technological evolving.

That's why knowing a language means a lot more than learning words and grammar. It means understanding another culture, comprehending how other people communicate and express themselves, and realizing that they have different views of the world. It means discovering the magic of new worlds through completely new concepts and visions of life. It could mean rediscovering life.

When you know someone that speaks another language, even if you don't understand them, with just listening to the words, the tone and the volume with which they speak, you start to find out small details that reveal interesting aspects of their culture. Also, that's because languages are not only the words that compose them; when those words start being part of somebody's life they acquire a personality that has been molded by culture. Culture expressed through languages can create attitudes and forms of expression: for example, it can make someone be very expressive and kind of loud or really rough with their words and keeping it simple when it comes to expressing a feeling…There's a lot to discover through languages.

The art of languages

Another passionate side of languages relies in the art that's created from them. Literature, poetry, the dialogues of a movie, the name of a painting, the lyrics of a song…Artists love languages and express all their inspiration trying to put it in words, to let the world know and understand what they think and what they want to say.

Knowing different languages represents the possibility of going deeper into the minds of those who have written wonderful works, treasures of history. Each word was chosen by each artist specifically to say exactly what they were thinking and it involves an enormous cultural process to be placed where it is.

Also, artists and writers have shown great interest in languages throughout history; many of them lived in war periods where they had to leave their original homes to start new lives where they had to learn new languages that then became their powerful ways of expressing what they went through by means of the words that shaped their new lifestyles.

The richness within languages is priceless. It's the magic of history captured in words that create new meanings everyday and continue building the history for tomorrow.

When you learn a language you're actually learning the way other people live and see the world. But, with the existing 6.000 languages, it becomes obvious that no one can learn them all, so there's where translation acquires all its value: it represents the possibility of reading works, understanding people and knowing what happens anywhere in the world.

Translations are cultural exchanges that allow people to view the world through other's eyes.

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