Thursday, January 14, 2010

Traveling by car, a whole new view

Flying can be easier and faster, but traveling by car adds a lot of adventures and new landscapes to your trip…

We're used to think about flying as the first option when we're going on a trip because it's just much faster and will make us get to where we actually want to be in an easier and "more practical" way.

But more and more people discover every day the magic and the pleasure of traveling by car, when that's possible, obviously. And the reason is that you don't have to think about the transportation as something apart from your trip; you can actually include it on the trip and let it become a nice part of it in which you can also have fun and see new things.

When you fly you just miraculously transport yourself from where you were to that new place you want to visit, and we can't say flying isn't wonderful and magical too, but when you travel by car you don't skip all the way that connects the original place to the new one, and you don't miss out all the details that can complement your trip in ways you wouldn't even imagine.

Traveling by car invites you to see new landscapes, new places where other people live and where other cultures have their daily routines; it lets you see how other human being live and it welcomes you to breath a new air…You'll get closer to your destination with different images and ideas about how everything changed little by little from where you started until the place that's waiting for you.

And even better is to stop from time to time and eat in some of those places, talk to people from small towns that you didn't even know existed…That enriches your culture, your view of where you are and the whole trip.

Traveling by car is definitely a different experience that can make you start a trip in a whole new way and enjoy it a lot more…You will be able to take pictures from the very first placed you stepped in and then finalize your collection with the last image you had in front of you.

Go ahead and try it on your next trip. You'll have so much more to tell and to remember and you won't have to deal with airports!

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Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


Lucía said...

Hola Catalina,
Me han encantando tus artículos.
Yo también soy traductora y es siempre grato encontrar páginas como ésta. Muy cierto lo que comentas de los "road trips". Yo viajé así de Houston, TX a Nueva York, y ha sido uno de los mejores viajes que he hecho. :)
Espero seguir leyéndote, y mucha suerte en tus proyectos.

Ander Well said...

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