Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top 10 Dynasties in the World That Ruled the Longest

The world over, many dynasties ruled for hundreds and thousands of years, and most of them laid the foundations for modern forms of government. While most have ceased to exist, there are still a few that still continue their reign.

History is an interesting subject to explore because it gives you a clearer understanding of the past, its effects and repercussions as the case may be and the contributions past dynasties brought forth. There were many significant events, discoveries and births during these periods that contributed to and shaped the histories of these nations. Their reign also made a lasting impact to the rest of the world, ancient and modern.
  1. Bulgaria. The House of Dulo or Dulo Clan reigned from 2137 BC until 753 AD, ruling the early Bulgars for 2,890 years. The Kubrat clan founded the dynasty, which brought about the unification of the Bulgar tribes. 
  2. Japan. The Imperial House of Japan has been ruling the country from 660 BCE until today. Known as the Chrysanthemum Throne or Yamato Dynasty, it has continuously reigned for more than 2,669 years. Current monarch is Emperor Akihito.
  3. Vietnam. The Hồng Bàng Dynasty is also known as the Lạc Dynasty. It was the 1st dynasty that ruled Vietnam from 2897 to 258 BC, a total of 2,639 years. Legend had it that its founder was Kinh Dương Vương, whose title was Hùng Vương.
  4. Korea. From 2333 BCE until 108 BCE, Korea was under th Gojoseon Dynasty. The ancient kingdom remained in power for 2,225 years and laid the foundation for the first proper nation in the peninsula. Dangun Wanggeom was its founder, according to legend.
  5. Vietnam. Another dynasty, the Champa Dynasty ruled Vietnam for 1,640 years from 192 BC to 1832 AD. The oldest known written Malay language from the 4th century AD came from this dynasty. It was created 300 years earlier than the Sumatran texts.
  6. Belgium. The Belle Dynasty, also known as Balliol Dynasty of Flanders, Belgium, has been in existence and continue to reign for 1,049 years now (from 960 to the present).
  7. Georgia. For 997 years, from 813 to 1810, the Bagrationi Dynasty was the ruler of Georgia, a dynasty whose ascendancy began in the early Middle Ages and lasted early in the 19th century.
  8. Korean Peninsula. The Silla Dynasty that reigned in the present-day Korean Peninsula started its rule in 57 BCE, a reign that lasted for 992 years, ending in 935 AD. Founded by King Park Hyeokgeose, from whom started the Park family name in Korea, it was one of the country’s Three Kingdoms.
  9. Tonga. Tonga was under Tu’i Dynasty for over 900 years, starting from 900 AD until 1865. The mythical Aho’eitu was supposed to be the founder of this dynasty. His descendants still live in the island.
  10. China. China’s longest dynastic reign came from the Zhou Dynasty, a rule the started in 1046 BC up to 256 BCE, a span of 790 years. Iron was introduced to China during the Zhou’s reign and also the period when bronze ware making in China reached its peak. Top Chinese philosophers Confucius, Laozi (Lao Tzu) and Mencius were all born during the Zhou Dynasty.
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Chola dynasty is not being mentioned

Unknown said...

Chola dynasty is not being mentioned

Richard said...

The English monarchs have reigned for 950 years from 1066 to today.

James said...

Not true. Cromwell ruled for a brief period in the mid 17th century. The British monarchy did not have continous rule.

James said...

Not true. Cromwell ruled for a brief period in the mid 17th century. The British monarchy did not have continous rule.

James said...

Not true. Cromwell ruled for a brief period in the mid 17th century. The British monarchy did not have continous rule.

dr sk mishra said...

Pandya dynasty of Tamilnadu 700 BC to 1665 AD almost 2400 yrs not mentioned

Unknown said...

You forgot Chola and Pandya Dynasty..

MAGolding said...

I would like the know the sources for some of the more dubious claims of long lasting dynasties on this list.

Unknown said...

im sad


Unknown said...

Otoman dynasty? 700 years nonstop!

Saladin said...

Where is the buglers dynasty which is oldest in world, where is the existing Japan dynasty which is currently the oldest existing one even more the Kanuri sawfawa dynasty, which is also the oldest in Africa. Man!! Ur list is not authentic

MAGolding said...

My answer to this question here:

Criticizes this list, and also provides a list of the 20 longest lasting dynasties I could think of.

Manab Barman said...

Ahom dynasty. The Ahom dynasty (1228–1826) ruled the Ahom kingdom in present-day Assam, India for nearly 598 years

Samteam said...

There was king know as Ventheir Chezhiyan Pandyan from Pandya Dynasty of INDIA ruled in 6000 BCE. If evidence solely derived from ancient literatures or text then Pandya Dynasty was the oldest & longest in the entire world having ruled circa 6,000 BCE to 1665 AD almost 7,665 years mention. Ventheir Chezhiyan Pandya was clearly mentioned in ancient Sangam Tamil literature!

Unknown said...

They ain't gona mention muslim dynasties but otoman was longest dynasty ever

Unknown said...

Ottomans ruled for more than 600 years.. Why u forgot that

EJC said...

I don't think you know your history very well the ottomans ruled from the late 13th century to the early to mid 20th century if you want more specific years I believe the ottoman dynasty started in 1299 AD as the Sultanate of Rum declined and ended when the last Sultan Mehmed VI left the country in 1922 so they ruled for about 623 years whereas the shortest dynasty on that list ruled for 790 years which is about a 167 year difference.

kushagra said...

Dubious u say, without even verifying. Ever heard of wikipedia, Google... use them... they are wonderful tools

Unknown said...

Have you done your research? Or are you just lazy to write the correct ones down? You totally forgot to mention the Chola dynasty from India. Respond to me. I need to know how you could forget them.

Urs Ateeque said...

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U Harish Kumar said...

The entire information given here is wrong.
They have completely forgotten that there is an ancient country called INDIA..!!!

John said...

دانلود آهنگ امو باند نه نگو نه

Omar García said...

What about ethiopian solomonic dynasty? They literally ruled from times of the old testament to the 1900

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Unknown said...

Also it hasn't been the same dynasty ruling England since 1066. There were the plantagenets, the tudors, the stuarts etc.

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Ns Navaneetha Krishnan said...

Why Ahom & Cholla ..Pallva..Mourya Dynasties are not mentioned .

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