Monday, January 13, 2014

Over The Phone Interpreting in Hospital Environments
All around the United States, hospital environments are increasingly offering over the phone interpreting services for patients and their relatives who do not master English and it has proven to be a very valuable service for patients and doctors alike.

The ever increasing immigrant population in the United States implies that not everybody living in America is fluent in the English language. In a hospital environment, healthcare professionals and patients need to communicate fluently and accurately in order to ensure their comfort and safety during their stay in the hospital. In such a context, over the phone interpreters play a prominent role providing a language and cultural bridge between the two parties. 

Over the phone interpreting experts not only make sure that patients receive the high quality service  they deserve and that  doctors and nurses understand their ailments correctly but also help medical experts to improve their understanding  of the patients’ cultural background in order to appreciate how it may influence decisions taken in the medical field.

Over the phone interpreters can assist doctors, nurses and even administrative staff in different stages of the medical procedure. Whether their presence is required during admissions, consultations, examinations or other encounters with the patients, in each and every case they encourage direct communication between the expert and the patient and or his relatives by consistently, accurately and completely repeating each utterance in the language of the speaker. 

These language professionals ensure that all patients, no matter their language background, origin or immigration status, receive the medical treatment they deserve and require. In fact, the federal law expects those hospitals that receive Medicaid, Medicare or other government funds to provide over the phone interpreting and in person interpreting services to the patients that require them free of charge.

Working as an over the phone interpreter in a medical facility is a challenging and rewarding position that also implies assuming a huge responsibility. The job is not only limited to hospitals as such language professionals are also required in nursing homes, surgical centers, long-term care facilities, dental offices, physician offices or mental health facilities. 

Day Translations offers professional over the phone interpreting services for hospital environments not only in the United States but also worldwide. Our experienced and highly qualified interpreters can help you communicate with doctors, nurses and other medical staff accurately and completely and thus ensure that you and your relatives receive the information and attention they require and deserve.


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