Thursday, November 19, 2009

Books represent countless universes

Those who read, have countless universes in their minds…That's why it's so much better to have a conversation with a person that understands what means to read a book and to get into a story.

Books are a treasure that we shouldn't leave behind in our everyday life. They were created by humanity in the search for finding a way to satisfy the human necessity of telling stories, of sharing universes, of putting ideas out of people's heads and giving them a physical shape to let them remain through time and become a part of history that future generations could access.

That's why books have such a great and unique value; they represent whole universes with endless and interesting historic points of view and details, told by individual voices in extraordinary and original ways, sometimes with a touch of art, and captured in pieces of paper with printed letters that, in their simplicity, hold invaluable secrets that patiently wait to be discovered.

Yes, a book represents a whole new universe; it develops a story with unique characters and in a specific place and time…Whether a book tells a true story or a fiction one, all those new scenarios and the way the author leads the reader through them become images and ideas that the reader's mind interpret in a very unique way.

Have you ever had the feeling of finding yourself thinking about something you believe you're remembering from somebody, and then realizing that it was just a situation or a character from the book you're reading? That means you're living your life, but, at the same time, you also have that other imaginary universe with you, which many times makes your days more bearable when you go through difficult or stressing times and you just want to think in something else, something that you don't need to worry about, something that will be there for sure whenever you decide to grab the book and immerse yourself in it.

Books widen your knowledge

Books are also wonderful because they represent a travel machine; their pages are a ticket that allows anyone to travel to unimaginable places at any time and without taking a step in any direction. Once you start reading the descriptions of characters and places, you begin to feel like you know them, and you start creating your own images and ideas of where and how everything happens.

The stories become part of your life and put the spaces in which they take place into those you somehow know and have in your mind. That means when you read, you learn; you let other people's worlds and views enter your life and let you see it in a whole new way, you discover how other cultures think and live, and you enrich yourself with those customs that you would have never imagined possible.

Everything that books make you learn and imagine has a great effect on you; there's a good reason why people love talking to those who read the most: because they always have interesting stories and anecdotes to tell, and because they know about a lot of different subjects and places.

If you're not a reader, you just haven't discovered one of the most spectacular wonders of the human world. Even if you don't think you could go through an entire book, you can just try it until you find the right one for you. You won't regret it; you will know when you find it, that a new universe has entered into your life.

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