Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The impact of positive energy

Have you seen or felt how when you meet or talk to specific persons they produce special positive or negative feelings in you? The message can be the same, but the impact that it has on the receptor can be dramatically different depending on who expresses it and on the way that person does it.

The energy that you project with your attitude is much more important and determinant than you could ever imagine. You've probably heard how people talk about somebody's "good energy" or about somebody's insecure and negative energy that impacts everything that person does and says.

There are people who naturally act and speak with so much intensity and vitality, they appear to have it in their own personality and to easily communicate their opinions and be perceived as really confident people by everyone else.

Usually, those persons speak loud, smile a lot and don't hesitate when they have something to say. Their self-confidence makes them go out feeling strong and fearless about what others may think or like.

Not everyone's the same, but people can definitely learn new things and have in mind some tips that can help them improve their social and work relations by letting them feel better and act more confidently.

Something to have in mind would be to know that messages are not expressed by just saying the words. When someone says something, their whole body's talking to the audience that's receiving the information; the eyes express things in ways you could barely imagine while you speak, the facial expressions are decisive too, and the movements of different parts of the body such as arms, hands, and back also let the others now more about what you are explicitly saying.

Smiling in a friendly but respectfully way is a step to open yourself and let others in, without taking out the seriousness of any matter you're referring to, but not appearing like an iron wall that can stop other's intentions or connections either.

Looking into the eyes of the people you're speaking to is a key for letting them know that you're sincere and transparent, and that you know what you're talking about. People like to see through and to feel that nothing's being hidden from them.

Having an expressive pair of eyes combined with a sincere and open smile is great for someone that's interested in a conversation.

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