Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The power of expressing your feelings

"Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth". Benjamin Disraeli.

Expressing what you feel, what you think, what you like or don't, what you need, what you dream about, what your night was like, what you're afraid of, your vision of the world and anything you feel like expressing is a liberating act that sets your mind and soul free, and takes away those repressed feeling and the words you've been accumulating in the inside.

We have to start by saying that the freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a fundamental right of the human beings in most of the democratic countries of the world. That means expression is inherent in human beings; it constitutes a very special characteristic that they have developed through language.

The psychologists and psychiatrists study the human mind and the complexities of human behavior. What do they do? Listen to everything that a person has to say and express in different ways, in order to analyze what's inside and to try to help them by becoming a counselor that listens and talks to them, among other things.

So many times we've heard that wise advice: "don't keep your problems inside; talk, have someone listen to everything that you have to say, cry if you need to, don't keep the sadness inside because it will mount up and end up destroying you…". That is simply a very natural and important advice that evokes an essential condition of human beings: the expression of feelings.

Music, art, literature, politics, poetry, photography and many others are excellent examples of important products of human expression. They're nothing more than different ways and constructions of human feelings and visions of the world that have been expressed to let others know about them, and to let those feelings be released from the minds and souls of their authors.

The songs, books, paints, pictures, laws and poems that we have today are so valuable because they constitute the expression of the feelings of millions of people from different places of the world throughout history. They represent the visions that all those minds and hearts built in a specific moment in time from their perception of the world in which they lived, which had determined circumstances. That makes all those words unique and priceless.

Expressing yourself really liberates your soul; it prevents feelings and words from rotting inside you and harming you for longer periods of time. When you say something out loud you're making it a reality, you're accepting it and either letting it go, if you want, or letting it become a part of your life, if that is your wish.

If you learn how to understand what you feel and then turn it into words to let it out, you've gained a very important skill that will help you go through life with less burdens, and that will help you know yourself and let others understand what you have inside.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can be a very fulfilling act. What you have to say is important; it matters. Somebody, more people than you may think, care about the words that you put together to express yourself. But, if no one's there to listen to you, you can also listen to yourself; just say it out loud and you'll know that you are a bit closer to freedom.

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