Friday, December 4, 2009

Take different routes every day

Taking new routes lets you see different things and start your days with new ideas and feelings that can enrich your routine

Something you do every day is go to work or go to the gym or just get out of your house to go to that first place that starts your routine daily. If you do it in the same way every day, you will just feel the same way or even stop feeling a thing while you start your day.

But when you decide to live differently each day of your life, when you choose to discover new details that could have remained anonymous, everything changes…There's a magic that you can incorporate to your life by just changing your routes to those places you visit frequently.

You can ask yourself why or how, or you can even think it just won't work for you because your life is just not that simple. But, actually, it is. Not simple in a bad and negative way, but simple in a way that you can take advantage of to enrich your mind and your days…

It's a matter of details, of seeing different things, of making your monotonous habits a little more exciting. You'll notice how you'll start to see things you hadn't seen before because of the fact that you'll be kind of forced to observe a bit more and make an effort to find your way to the same place through a different road.

It's actually kind of awkward when you try to understand this without doing it, but when you try it, you'll find yourself thinking "When did they build this here? I hadn't seen it!", "What a beautiful tree! What's its name?", "This is a great bridge! This rout is a lot faster than I thought!"…And like those, which are the simplest, there will be a lot more details that may at least make you smile, will give you ideas for something or will make your day start with more positive energies and purposes.

Taking new routes is just one of many ways of seeing new things in your daily life. You can also learn new languages, listen to different kinds of music, watch movies if you don't do it frequently, call somebody with whom you didn't speak a long time ago, read a book on a subject you don't know much about…

The idea is to not do exactly the same activities in the same way every day because your brain, your mind and your eyes will get used to those things and will just stop observing them, which means they won't be open to new ideas and magical details. But when you force them to learn, hear and see new information, sounds and images, they will make an effort to discover what they are about and to transform them into something of value for you.

Go ahead and make small changes in your daily life! It can't harm you and it will definitely enrich your days and be positive for your life.

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