Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poem: Burning by Sean Hopwood

By Sean Hopwood

A light bulb with never be able to replicate the beauty
In the pure and simple randomness of a flame
Be it a simple flicker
Or a roaring blaze untamed

From a simple spark it burns
With passion, love, and life
And creates in the room a presence
That you can cut with a knife

A flame burns long and strong
As long as you give it air
And warms the heart and mind
Of all those who are there

It glimmers, twinkles, and flashes
In a delicate battle of wind and flame
As you stare at it in worry
Of this odd and precarious game

It lives to burn and burns to live
Strong as life and the beat of the heart
But if comes a strong gust and blows it out
There is always a match and chance to restart