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Unraveling the Messages the Eyes Convey

Eye Contact
People communicate with acts and words. However, only 7% of what you want to communicate is delivered through words. Ninety-three percent of communication is  expressed by non-verbal language, and 55% of it are from facial expressions. The tone and rhythm of your voice covers the balance of 38%. You could learn so much just by keenly observing a person’s eye movements.

When speaking in public, the way you use our eyes has a tremendous impact on the listeners. The eyes can command attention. Eyes are very eloquent. They could show boredom, anger, surprise and a horde of other emotions. They could convey the subtlest to the strongest of meanings without you uttering a word.

Direct eye contact
Eye Contact
When a person is gazing directly into your eyes when you are having a conversion, it shows that the other person is interested in you and paying attention to what you are saying. You should learn to balance how long to maintain eye contact. When prolonged, it could be interpreted as being aggressive and threatening. On the other hand when a person frequently breaks eye contact, looks away frequently, it is an indication of being distracted, nervous or being uncomfortable. It could also mean that the person is trying to hide what he truly feels.

Frequency of blinking
It is normal for people to blink their eyes but it is the frequency of blinking that you should observe. When someone is uncomfortable or feeling distressed, expect them to blink more frequently. On the other hand, infrequent blinking could be an intentional act, as a way to control the eye movements to closely guard what the person actually feels.

Size of the pupil
Dilation of the pupil is a sign of interest or disinterest. Even if the presence of light causes the pupils to dilate, if you are observant, you’d see the subtle differences in the pupil’s dilation that conveys a persons inner emotions.

Looking up or down
When a person looks up, it could be interpreted as thinking. If a speaker looks up, he could be trying to recall what he is supposed to say next. However, it could also mean that a person is bored. When someone lowers her head but raises her eyes towards you, she is playing coy, displaying a combination of submission and attraction with the bowed head and upward eye contact. If combined with a frown, interpret it as being judgmental. On the other hand, looking down indicates an act of submission.

Sideways look
A person's field of vision is horizontal. If you look sideways, you might not want to look at what is in front of you or you are looking at something that has taken your interest or distracted you. Sometimes it is a show of irritation. However, if a person is looking from side to side, it could be taken as an indication of lying or being conspiratorial.

Narrowing of the eyes
Squinting could be an indication of evaluation and consideration, uncertainty or creating a larger depth of field so more details could be seen.

So next time you meet a person, establish eye contact and say more than words.

By: Bernadine B. Racoma
Editor, Day Translations, Inc.
“The most accurate translations on the planet!”

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