Thursday, January 9, 2014

Legal Translation: Helping International Law Firms

International law firms and those dealing with immigration cases usually find themselves in the need of translating important and sensitive documents from and into English. However, finding a professional, accurate and reliable legal translation company is not easy.

Legal documents usually contain confidential information that cannot be openly disclosed. And just as lawyers wouldn’t let anybody manage their legal cases, they also need to pay attention to who is handling their legal translation requirements. 

What Are The Characteristics of a Professional Legal Translator?

A professional legal translator does not only possess a skilful and masterful domain of the languages to and which from he translates but also knows the different legal terms and procedures and how they should be translated to and from his language pairs.

In this sense, a reliable legal translator is able to accurately and completely translate any kind of legal document making sure not only that it keeps the same meaning in both languages but also that it is valid to be used in any court procedures.

Why Should International Law Firms Hire Legal Translation Services?

International law firms can benefit from hiring legal translation services. To begin with, it helps them ensure that those important legal documents that need to be translated into and/or from other language are handled by professional language experts who have an in depth understanding of complex and simple legal terms so that the final translated document is accurate. That said, even though most lawyers nowadays are bilingual or fluent in one or two languages, many a time they lack the language expertise that only professional translators have.

In addition, legal translation services can be used to translate depositions, witness or client translations, birth, death or marriage certificates, interrogatories or contracts.

Choosing The Right Legal Translation Services

As it has already been said, international law firms should carefully choose the company to which they trust their legal translation requirements. It should provide them with professional legal and certified translators, highly experienced in the different legal fields.

Day Translations offers accurate and perfect legal translation services globally and in any language pair. Our clients come to us because our experienced team of legal and certified translators are absolutely professional and reliable. The results we deliver surpass our clients’ expectations and help them succeed in the industry of international law firms.

At Day Translations we know that the legal industry is immersed in a rapidly changing environment. Thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest legal trends, changes and regulations so that our translators  can provide our clients with the legal translations they require.


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